Connecting People

To Meaningful Work


Prudent people is a candidate-centric approach connecting people to meaningful work across a wide range of skills and industries helping to empower the success of clients around the world with cost efficiency. We help recruitment agencies maximize their ROI, accelerate growth, and gain a lasting competitive edge. We work on every function within the recruitment life cycle that does not require a warm handshake. We have a dynamic team of highly experienced recruitment professionals,  adding a different dimension to the world of RPO services & solutions across the globe.


We are a UK based Remote Staffing business with our delivery team in India. We have over 20 years’ experience in delivering highly efficient remote staffing services from India to corporate businesses in the US and UK. As businesses continue to reap the benefits of their staff working remotely, our business offers additional cost savings and performance enhancements for companies that are looking to scale quickly whilst also having the flexibility to scale down when required.


  • Maximize future employment and contribute to the economic growth of the nations.
  • To deliver high-efficiency solutions that drive your business forward and keep your company running.


Any business process that is transactional in nature can be performed remotely over the internet. Some of the examples of job functions that we have successfully delivered remotely are Consulting engagements such as Management Consulting projects, Recruitment Consulting, Telesales, Digital Marketing, Market Research, IT services including but not limited to IT Consulting, web and app development, etc.

Our offer and approach

We offer educated, trained, and experienced staff who work exclusively as our client’s staff based out of India. Our terms of engagement are agreed and signed with our legal entity in the UK so that you don’t have to manage the regulatory compliance obligations towards your employees in India.

We commence the engagement by shortlisting suitable candidates in India based on the skills and experience for each role that our clients require to hire. This is the crux of our service, and we work hard and smart in shortlisting the right candidates who not only have the desired skills and experience but also have the right motivations to work in their areas of specialisation. We present a shortlist of such candidates, and our clients then interview and make the final selection of their staff. We onboard the staff and manage their payroll, local regulatory compliance as well as other HR formalities. We encourage our clients to offer similar levels of induction and training to their staff in India as they would offer a staff member who joins them locally/onshore. This approach develops a one-to-one relationship between our client’s team in India and fosters a culture of one team and inclusion. All our staff have access to high-speed internet connectivity that enables seamless video calls and team collaboration with their colleagues globally.


Our standard pricing structure is based on a fixed cost plus a monthly management fee. Our fixed cost mainly comprises of the staff salary in India plus any additional overheads. Whilst our management fee is similar across all levels of candidates, the price of our service is mainly determined by the cost of the staff we hire on behalf of our clients.


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